The videosbelow present just a small sample of music composed, recorded and produced

by Ken Veltz for film, television and industrial videos.

Each video montage represents multiple projects that fit within the titled CATEGORY.  My work has appeared on dozens of award winning projects that have aired on all the major and cable television networks. The female vocals on all the projects represented below were sung by my wife, Jeannie Veltz.  Jeannie's voice has a deep, smoky quality to it which was perfect for the darker projects found in the "MACABRE" category.  Jeannie was referred to as, "The Evil Enya", by producers working with The Discovery Channel. This era of scoring for television and film came to a close by the beginning of the year 2000 when a series of circumstances led us to being signed to a major Atlantic Records recording contract along with our three children at the beginning of 2001.  We are still available for television and film projects on a selected basis.  Email us