The following quotes express a consistent sentiment regarding how our music and story affect people who experience it.  They are completely unedited.  It's truly humbling for us to read them!  So, check out one of our shows for yourself. We can only strive to continually live up to these gracious words and hopefully gain new friendships along the way.

Thank you to all who sent in these lovely comments.

Ken & Jeannie Veltz

Stacy L. (Garrison, NY)

"Ken & Jeannie are musical magicians. They are  completely enchanting performers. You will fall in love with them-- their story telling, partnership and songs.   They work their wizardry and by the end of the evening the entire place is engaged.  It's got to be experienced to be believed.  But here's the's not magic--they are the real deal".   

Jamie N. (Virginia Beach, VA)

"The best way I can describe the spirit of your shows,  is like ..a cozy fireplace, enjoying a good cup of coffee that the hectic morning stole, tasting the first light snow, on the tip of a weary tongue, wearing your favorite oversized wool socks and sliding on the hardwood floors, fresh hay, just cut when it still smells sweet. Summed up;  your music makes the inside of people happy"! 

Dick B. (New York, NY)

"Ken and Jeannie Veltz sing well crafted, catchy songs that are both audience pleasing and reflective of their long, personal musical journey. You will be enriched by their music and happy you got to see two high caliber artists that have perfected their skills. Don't miss them"!  

Brooks F. (Arlington, VA)

"The first time you see Ken and Jeannie Veltz, you're part of a special club. After you chat with Ken and Jeannie Veltz after the show, you're part of the family. The Veltz's are like your fun cousins who show up every year for Thanksgiving with their guitars. Instead of watching football or playing scrabble after dinner, you end up singing songs around that old piano that gets played once a year".

Janet S. (Cold Spring, NY)

"Inspiring, spellbinding, magical, and nourishing -- the Veltz's are a feast for heart and soul.  When I look back on the year, and remember the best 20 evenings, the evenings I spent listening to the Veltz's lush harmonies and magical songs, well -- they're topping that list. Its about love, community, faith, renewal, and spirit -- when Ken and Jeannie set a room on fire with their music and songs. It hardly gets better than that, does it?  An evening of music with the Veltz's will peel back the layers, like an onion, with one song at a time, to your core, to what really matters, with clarity and peace. At the end of the night, people either make friends, make peace, or leave smiling. Usually all three". 

Anthony S. (Brookln, NY)

"Anyone who misses the intimacy and spontaneity of live music will have their expectations fulfilled by Ken and Jeannie Veltz. This dynamic duo is comfortable in whatever setting they find themselves, working their magic, eliminating the barrier between performers and audience. Soon everyone is joining in singing"!

Gail W. (Lake Lure, NC)

"You two continue to amaze me, with your song writing talents and soulful harmonies you continue to produce some of my favorite music!" 

Daniel R. (Brooklyn, NY)

"Ken and Jeannie Veltz are among the most interesting musical duos I've ever heard.  Their original song lyrics are often at once insightful, touching and comical, and all set to the rhythmic beat of Ken's guitar and unique percussion.  And when Ken and Jeannie play the great standards folk, rock and country they always put their stamp on the song. Their harmonies are more than musical, reflecting a bond of love borne through 37 years of a married life together.  That can't be bought or taught.  It has to be lived.  Ken and Jeannie are musical storytellers in the best tradition.  They capture an audience's attention even in a crowded bar and people often break into spontaneous singing and dancing during their performances.  I know because I've been one of them".

Jamie P. (Washington, DC)

"Dulcet harmonies and well-honed songs that warm the soul. Any generation can listen and find something worth taking to heart." 

Stephen M. (East Meredith, NY)

"Never did I imagine the kind of magic this awesome couple creates together and not only between themselves and their audience but also between them and their fellow musicians. You can't help but feel like you are a part of them when they perform or display the works of their peers. I have to admit they are addictive. I hate missing their local gigs and the excitement a night with them brings. I can't get enough".