To be understood means understand

We're all the same, all just man

Living, working, trying not to fall.

So few of us are truly mad

And most of us, if had the chance

Would choose a kinder life, after all.


Crowded streets, country roads

Shouldering our private loads

Watching hopes and dreams, 

rise and fall.


We need to take less than we give

Be forgiven and forgive

Celebrate our differences

And love and live and just let live.


​​On Our Way Back Home

Music & Lyrics by Ken Veltz

Shot in New York City

November, 2008

Video Directing & Editing

by Andrew Veltz

Soundtrack Recorded at:

Red Wally Studios, Cold Spring, NY

Produced by Ken Veltz

Engineered by Joe Johnson

Mixed by Joe Johnson & Andrew Veltz

"Peacemakers don't take sides,they bring opposing sides together", k.v.

Smile If You Love Peace!

(Video produced by Andrew Veltz & Ken Veltz)

One afternoon my son, Andrew and I walked with two signs and two video cameras around New York City. On each sign were the words, "Smile if you love peace".  One written in English, and the other in Arabic. These are the candid responses from some wonderful people who gave us spontaneous smiles after reading the signs. We cut the video to a song I wrote entitled,  "On Our Way Back Home".​​  It was a truly moving experience.  We hope you are moved, too!

I know I can't see how you see

I know you can't see how I see

We really don't need to agree at all.

We're both in separate grocery lines

You're in your world, I'm in mine

Living our own dreams, great or small.


We're on our way

On our way

We're on our way back home

Some to cities, some to fields. 

Some outspoken, some concealed

Some religion, some no god to call.

Some to privilege, some to lack

Some the future, some the past

Always moving toward a common goal.