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We are Ken & Jeannie Veltz.

Through the years we've stayed involved in many aspects of the music industry... composing and producing music scores for television and film, radio programs, music theatre, music videos, in addition to being signed, with our three kids, to an Atlantic Records recording contract.  We toured the country for about a decade as a family band. 

As grandchildren began to enter our lives our family band experience needed to come to a close. 

We went on to producing a popular weekly singer/songwriter venue called

The Listening Room in Cold Spring, NY, on the Hudson River north of New York City,
and another, SongNest, in NYC and in Western NY. 

We have recently built a bridge back to our roots thirty nine years ago 

when we performed as a singer/songwriter duo.

It's a challenging but very exciting new chapter for us... (READ MORE HERE)

We welcome you to be part of our adventures and hope to meet you someday. 

Thank you for reading.  


For Love, family, friends & music,


Ken & Jeannie Veltz

Here are some links to newspaper articles that can fill in some blanks on our journey:

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39 year video journey that led us to today...

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